The Clinic offers cosmetic medicine and skincare services provided by skilled, licensed professionals to help you achieve natural looking facial rejuvenation.  Experience a wide variety of specialized treatments and skincare products paired with expert knowledge and a caring approach.



"When my friend, Debbie, talked me into going to The Clinic with her, I told her there was no way I wanted to go because I despise needles. Well, despite my fear of needles I did it anyway and was absolutely and totally amazed with the results. I am now a believer, I feel so much better about myself and how I look. This is something I can do for myself and would recommend Dana to anyone."



"Love the staff at The Clinic! Everyone is so friendly. I have had a series of Micro-Needling done and I noticed a difference after just one treatment. I was shocked at the before & after pictures. I had noticeably smaller pores and more of an even skin tone. Thank you Clinic ladies!"


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